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Who are We ? .....

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Who are We ? ..... Empty Who are We ? .....

Post by MomOfSix Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:25 pm

A little bit on what our forum is about...

We Are Mommies is a fun forum for all moms across the world to join and share our daily mom lives.
Sometimes we are so busy being stuck in the house caring for our families that we don't really get a chance to get out and make new mommy friends, Or sometimes we just need a neutral opinion , some advice or tips from someone that isn't in our everyday entourage.

We Are Mommies is also a great support forum , We will be there for you and support you whether you are going through a Loss, divorce, separation , Losing weight , Infertility , Parenting issues  and even those days when you wanna take someone's head and slap them against a brick wall.
We are here to lend a shoulder , ear or in this case an eye ;)lol

This is where you can share parenting tips , recipes , crafting ideas and much much more...
We are a Down to earth, open minded , Drama Free group of moms  Very Happy 
You might even make a long term friendship ... I have ladies that i've known for years thanks to forums like these , some have even traveled for special occasions that have occurred in my life, you have nothing to lose....

So if you haven't registered with us yet, give us a try and if you do not wish to be apart of our forum ... it's ok , send me a private message and we will delete your account but honestly i haven't come across anyone who has been asked to be removed yet .... pink heart 

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